Mr and Mrs S, Standerwick

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Mr and Mrs S, Standerwick

Mr and Mrs S, Standerwick
September 4, 2017

“Greg is completely reliable – he makes appointments and keeps them and his time-keeping is excellent. If arrangements do have to change, owing to unavoidable circumstances, he keeps in close contact and we were never left wondering if he was going to be on site or not.
Greg is very hard-working and he made extreme efforts to keep to the time schedule that he made for the job. He can be depended on to be completely fair, honest and trustworthy. In all he does, Greg is a meticulous craftsman and is only happy when the job is completed properly, to his, and the customer’s satisfaction. Every day the site was left clean and tidy.
Greg is very approachable and amiable. He worked with us to get the finish and detail that we required. He worked in a professional manner and kept us fully informed about any changes to the specification. Any resulting change in costs was always preceded by a written quote.
We would recommend Greg unreservedly.”

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